Groundwater Podcast Featuring Shatora Lane_Season Three, Episode Two

site rencontres avec malienne In this episode, Shatora Lane and I get mad brainy and we talk about books! We talk about art and life and goals, and we tie it all together with an extended metaphor from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. Have you left for the pyramids already? Or are you the shepherd still?

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The Groundwater Podcast Featuring Early Adopted_Season Three, Episode One

http://teentube.cz/?ertye=mujeres-solteras-en-mexico&1e3=74 In this episode, Early Adopted and I talk about the differences in writing hip-hop music and post-hardcore music. We talk about touring and teaching, and we talk about how to make it in this indie music game all while doing laundry.

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Quentin Talley on Inside the Rapper’s Studio

Anybody who’s interested in theater, jazz, poetry, or organizing events is going to love this podcast. Quentin Talley tells us how to show up and show out, how to price yourself correctly as an artist, and basically how to invent the life you want to live as an artist.




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Inside the Rapper’s Studio with AFTHENAYSER

In this episode of Inside the Rapper’s Studio, AFTHENAYSER talks about touring, veganism, BMX, Red Bull, the importance of sleep, licensing, how to approach beats, and how not to feel grimy when selling yourself, all while my cat plots our demise.



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Inside the Rapper’s Studio with Moodie Black


Moodie Black talks about signing to labels, touring the country, and how to never compromise your art.




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Inside the Rapper’s Studio with DopeKNife

On this episode of Inside the Rapper’s Studio, we discuss DopeKnife’s album 1984 on Strange Famous Records.

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DopeKNife goes in depth about his freestyling technique, and he basically drops all the knowledge about touring, marketing, and hip hop.


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Groundwater Episode 15 with Cunabear

Cunabear and I talk about how visual art and song writing can merge together. He goes deep into his creative process and show us how the magic is made. Ohhhh… and we get super personal at the end, so get ready for all the feels.

Reach through the internets and say what’s up to Cunabear in real life here. Connect with Cunabear here:


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Groundwater Episode 14 with Blueprint

I ask Blueprint a bunch of specific questions, so to give you some context before you listen to this podcast, go over to http://laprovence.sk/familjarnosty/829 Blueprint’s Bandcamp page to check out his project source Vigilante Genesis. It’s the concept album of all concept albums.

On a style tip, what separates this rap album from most is that it has zero hooks, which brings the listener’s focus directly to the story telling. And dayum, how the characters develop and the tensions build. It’s set in a comic book world where drones talk and revenge is real, where the lines of morality blur and vendettas become obsessions. In this world, doing the right thing just might get you killed. The post-apocalyptic world of Vigilante Genesis is so futuristic yet so present day and so relevant right now. And if that’s not enough icing on the cake to make you bite down, the entire album is produced by the legendary, Aesop Rock.

In this episode, Blueprint and I talk about so many things. But some of the highlights are:

  • Releasing a record on Rhymesayers Entertainment vs. releasing it yourself
  • The race to the bottom in the music economy
  • The genius of Lonzo Ball’s marketing strategy
  • Amanda Palmer, Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt’s Platform
  • POS from Doomtree

Ohhhh… and we talk about:

  • How to stay focused with regards to song writing
  • How to tour in markets that will respond to your art
  • How to get good at something you’re not already
  • How to develop a weekly campaign for a project release
  • How to think like an entrepreneur

To learn more about Blueprint, check out




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Groundwater Episode 13 with Adam Henze

Adam Henze has been a poet and organizer in the slam community for more than a decade. His poetry has been featured on PBS’ Mainstreet and NPR’s All Things Considered. His first book of verse, source site Written in the Dish Pit, is available on Chatterhouse Press.

He’s a doctoral candidate at University of Indiana and he’s writing his dissertation on the pedagogy of hip hop and spoken word. He’s also the founder of Slam Camp and the Vice President of follow url Southern Fried Poetry Inc. If you are into poetry or teaching, this one is for you.

To learn more about Adam Henze, check out these links:



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Groundwater Episode 12 with KidDEAD

In this episode, KidDEAD and I talk about ‘Merica, what it means to make it, and touring Iceland.

To learn more about KidDEAD, check out his links:




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